Car Showroom Owners: 3 Things Business Insurance Can Protect You From

Operating a car showroom can be a fantastic job. If you are in the process of setting up an independent auto trading showroom, you are probably busy trying to work out which line of vehicles you are going to stock and how they will be displayed in the space you have available to you. While it is not as exciting as choosing the types of cars or designing the interior of your showroom, you will also have to pay attention to more boring things such as business insurance. Below is a guide three risks which business insurance can provide protection from.

Theft and Damage

Car show rooms are the perfect target for criminals who are looking to make away with expensive motorcars. Thieves will often target showrooms because they know that the keys to the cars on display and in the garage will be kept somewhere on the property. If the worst happens and your showroom is attacked and cars are stolen, business insurance will cover you for the loss. Business insurance will also cover any repair work to broken windows, doors or other items which were damaged during the break-in.

Interruptions to business

There are a number of things which can interrupt your ability to operate your business. Severe weather may result in local flooding, which means you'd have to stop trading for a number of weeks while water is pumped out of your car showroom. A loss of electricity or a gas leak may also result in you being unable to trade until repair work has been carried out by local utility services. During the time that you cannot trade, your business will be losing money, and you will still have to pay your staff and other business costs. Business insurance will cover you for a loss of income and additional costs that you incur due to an interruption to your car showroom business.

Injuries to customers and staff

The majority of car showrooms feature polished floors and angular tables and chairs. While this helps to create a sleek and modern look, it can also increase the risk that a customer will slip or trip while in the showroom. If this occurs, your business may face an injury compensation claim. Business insurance will help to protect you to from the impact of these claims. Business insurance will also help to protect your company from any employee compensation claims. When moving cars around a showroom, there is always the risk that an employee with be involved in a collision with a vehicle.

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